Loggers Sports Events

The Squamish Days Loggers Sports tradition continues this year with more fun and excitement to be shared by both competitors and spectators. Loggers sports competitions are true sporting events with competitors requiring strength, skill and stamina. The participants, like any athletes, must train and work diligently to reach the level of skill required to win any of the events.

Click the links on the right to learn more about each loggers sports event, and visit our Events Calendar for show dates and times.

Cash prizes are awarded to the top competitors in each event. Each participant competes in one of three classes: novice, intermediate or open. Two victories move a competitor in novice or intermediate up to the next class.

With Squamish as a world class destination for outdoor recreation, there is no better place in the world to sit back, grab a hot dog or internationally famous Rotary Beef BBQ, and enjoy the exciting events at the Squamish Days Loggers Sports Shows.

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